TCM U1017 Dual Cure SR Come With 3g Sensitizer | Self Mix Photo Emulsion | Screen Printing Coating Polymer

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TCM U1017 Dual Cure SR

This emulsion is self mixed with diazo sensitizer. This mixing job is DIY. After mixing you can only keep for 2 weeks to 1 month. This emulsion is light sensitive, so make sure to do apply the mixing and coating in a dim light room. When the mixing job is finish close the emulsion bottle cap firmly.

✔️ High solids content.
✔️ Good definition and resolution.
✔️ High resistance to all graphic ink systems.
✔️ Exceptional durability for long print runs.

Diazo Mixing Instruction:
Mixing In A Container (Provided)
1. Pour 100ml of warm water into a container (plastic pails, cups, etc.) .
2. Gather diazo to the bottom of the bag.
3. Open packet gently to prevent diazo from escaping.
4. Gently empty the diazo out of the pack into the container.
5. Stir until diazo is fully dissolved.
6. Pour the mixed solution  in the emulsion.
7. Stir the emulsion until the mixed solution is fully dispersed (color should be even / uniform)

Note: Water volume is a recommendation and can be modified to the user’s liking. Goal is to fully dissolve diazo. For consistency, use the same water volume every time.

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