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TC Dye Water Based Paste for Screen Printing | Dye for Light Color Fabrics | Direct Use Dye | 1 KG

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This coloured TC dye/paste  is a water based colorant used for printing on white or light colour fabrics directly. The compent of TC dye/paste which usually clear in color is used mix with any colored pigment to get the desired colour. Most of the time, they are applied on white/light colored fabrics as applying them on dark/black color fabric will make them less visible.

The available color are:
✔️ Magenta
✔️ Green
✔️ Sky Blue
✔️ Orange
✔️ Blue
✔️ Lemon Yellow
✔️ Black
✔️ Royal Blue
✔️ Red
✔️ Chilli Red
✔️ Brown
✔️ Grey

Please pm us if you want them in color you desire! We can mix them for you 🔥

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