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RN Nylon Series Solvent Ink | Print Ink for Nylon | Screen printing Ink for Nylon | 1 KG

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Great solvent-based ink that have a good coverage on dark background, specific for print on nylon textile and other synthetic or polyamide fabrics. Carefully formulated with the selected raw materials, this solvent-based ink has a low to non-harmful odor and therefore makes the screen printing workshop lab a healthier environment.

 ✔️ Very good flexibility and scratch resistance.  
 ✔️ Can be applied on sports bags, umbrellas, Nylon.
 ✔️ Good weather and wash resistance.
 ✔️ Great opacity of colors.

To clean solvent inks:
Cleaning Solvent 159 - Cleanup the excess ink from the screens. The inks are removed from the screens after printing so that the screens are saved for the next run or recycled for reuse.

To dilute the solvent inks:
Softener SS 221 KI - Reduce the viscosity of the ink. It makes the solvent ink dry slower.  Softener does not have strong odor. It is safe and non flammable.

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