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New Dyfoam W-48NF for Screen Printing | Textile Chemical Agent | Binder for Foam Print | Emboss Effect Printing

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Instant foaming binder for fabric, binder for foam printing. It is a high concentration foam/puff for creating 3D prints. It produces great emboss effect coating and high quality overall mixture workability.


✔️ It's easy to mix and print.

✔️ It has good compatibility with color pigments.

✔️ It can be used alone or by dilution with binders.

First-aid measures

IF INHALED: Remove immediately the victim from the contamination to fresh air. Make him blow one's nose and gargle and get medical attention.

IF ON SKIN: Get medical attention in case that pain remains or irritation occurs on skin. Wash with water and soap.

Wipe off the immediately the product with cloth and wash it off carefully with plenty of water and soap.

IF IN EYE: Rinse immediately with plenty of water for a few minutes attentively and get medical attention in case that pain or irritation remains.

IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth with water thoroughly. Get medical attention immediately

Conditions should be avoided: Avoid from heat or heating. ‼️

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