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KIWO Polycol W630 Emulsion | Photo Emulsion | Screen Printing Coating Polymer | Photo Polymer

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Screen Printing Emulsion / Photo Emulsion

It is the light-sensitive liquid or capillary-direct films that you coat or adhere to the de-greased screen fabric prior to taping your film positives in place.

The significance of KIWO Polycol W630 Emulsion are:
 ✔️ Fast exposing, pre-sensitized SBQ emulsion for screen printing garments with plastisol, water-based and produce even discharge inks.
✔️ Coating, drying, and exposing times are significantly reduced to maximize screen throughput and minimize bottlenecks.

Emulsion application procedure:
1. Pour emulsion into emulsion scoop coater with an adequate amount of KIWO Polycol W630 Emulsion and apply one or two coats at the side of screen mesh
2. On the other side of screen, repeat the same action, one or two coats of KIWO Polycol W630 Emulsion.

Important tips
‼️ If a thicker build of layers needed, extra coats are necessary to apply onto the squeegee side of screen.
‼️ Optimum stencil thickness for virtually every mesh count is achieved by applying only one coat to each side of the screen using a round edged coating trough, cutting coating times 50 to 75% in some cases.

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