Fotochem CM 2044 Premix (Emulsion Remover) | Silk Screen Stencil Remover

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FOTOCHEM CM 2044 is ready to use, liquid screen process stencil remover.

Application Information ‼️
- To remove stencil emulsions, direct/indirect films and capillary films from all meshes.
- After printing the stencil must firstly be cleaned from all ink residues before they dry in.
- To speed up the removal, it is recommended to apply a de-greaser and rinse with water before the remover liquid is applied.
- Do not let dry the remover liquid on the stencil.
- If the wrong ink or an inadequate cleaning agent is used (in relation to the type of emulsion or film), the removal can become difficult.
- Chemically hardened emulsions cannot be de-coated.
- The use of an inadequate light source in relation to the type of emulsion can cause removal difficulties.

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