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Fotochem CM 2044 Powder (Emulsion Remover) | Silk Screen Stencil Remover Powder

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FOTECHEM 2044 is a white, oxidizing powder that can be dissolved in water to make a liquid screen process stencil remover.

Directions for use
1. Dissolve 100 grams of FOTECHEM 2044 in 10-20 litres of water.
2. Use this liquid to decoat (reclaim) screen emulsions and polymer films. It does not work on gelatine films.
3. Clean stencil from ink. Then brush on the liquid from both sides. Let stand for the necessary time.
4. Hose off with a hard cold water spray.
5. Better is the use of a power spray after the chemical has been rinsed off with a soft spray.
6. For stubborn stencils less water can be added to make the product more efficient and to avoid the use of the power spray.
‼️ Use minimum of 5 litres of water to 100 gr of FOTECHEM 2044 to avoid crystallization.

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