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FOTECOAT 1838 Solo Emulsion | Photo Emulsion | Screen Printing Coating Polymer | Photo Polymer

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FOTECOAT 1838 SOLO for Food or Textile Printing (Magenta Color)

It is a ready-to-use screen emulsion for food/textile screen printing with plastisols and aqueous inks

The significance of FOTECOAT 1838 Solo Emulsion are:
✔️ Fast, presensitized polymer screen emulsion
✔️  Low viscosity and 38% solids content
✔️  Ideal for discharge inks (additional diazo increases resistance)
✔️  Ideal for food, due to lack of Diazo, phthalates or acrylates
✔️  The diazo sensitizer is added to the FOTECOAT 1838 SOLO and comes in form of a sachet. However FOTECOAT 1838 SOLO can be used without the addition of the diazo

What can be achieved with the voluntary diazo-addition ?
‼️ The stencil allows longer runs
‼️ The water resistance is improved
‼️ The decoating becomes more difficult

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