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Fotecoat 1711 Come With Diazo (Solvent Based) | Photo Emulsion for Solvent Ink | Screen Printing Coating Polymer | Photo Polymer

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Fotecoat 1711 is a diazo screen emulsion with separate diazo-powder for solvent based inks. Light purple color after exposure with excellent transparency. Ideal for humid and warm climates. Very high resolution emulsion for PCB and industrial printing,

Printing advantages:
✔️ Very high resolution with excellent definition both for positive and negative printing.
✔️ The flow-out of the emulsion after coating and during the drying cycle is extremely good so that relatively thin stencils below the mesh can be coated, creating at the same time a flat-bottomed stencil which is hardly influenced by the mesh structure.
✔️ 8-10 microns are sufficient in combination with polyester 120T for positive printing; 12-14 microns for negative printing

1. Purple diazo emulsion
2. High viscosity and 25% solids content
3. Short exposure, easier to decoat than 1771, moisture resistant
4. Even higher solvent resistance than 1771 and very high resolution/definition


1kg: Fotecoat 1711 Come With Daizo A3 (Solvent Based)

4.5kg: Fotecoat 1711 Come With Daizo A11 (Solvent Based)

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