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Daislue W-20 White for Screen Printing | Slow dry printing base | Prevent blocking during printing | Printing paste

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The Daislue W series is a printing agent for automatic printing machines that meets the demand for replacement of PVC sol. This series offer a variation of printing pastes with excellent operability and printing effects.

This range overall functions:
1. PVC-free water-based textile printing agent.
2. Excellent workability in high mesh printing.
3. A wide range of color tones and toning reproducibility can be obtained when used in combination with Neulactimin color.
4. Good fastness such as washing resistance and dry cleaning resistance.
5. It is a non-formalin type and can be used for infants.

Features of Daislue W-20:
✔️ Light color high viscosity paste
✔️ Matte type of transparent paste for toning
✔️ PVC sol substitute
✔️ Machine printing suitability

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