TCM 2082 Ghost Image Remover For Silk Screen Printing | Haze Remover | Screen Stains Remover

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Ghosting image appear when an image that is screen printed on a stencil comes into contact for quite a long time or using a permanent emulsion leaves a faint image of the main print on the stencil. This ghost remover is specially made to remove those difficult stains on mesh with simple step.

Direction of use:
Apply with a brush and allow to sit for 5 minutes, then rinse off. Do not leave it for too long on mesh or it will damage them.

‼️ It can also be used to help reclaim hardened screen emulsion. Same step, apply for five minutes then rinse off. To keep reclaiming the screen, reapply emulsion remover.
‼️ Protective equipment preparation is advised during usage.

 ✔️ High Alkaline paste
 ✔️ To be used in conjunction with FOTECHEM 2085
 ✔️ Efficient high alkaline dense paste
 ✔️ Solvent-free

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