What is Natural Dye?

What is Natural Dye?

Synthetic dyes are harmful to ourselves and our environment

Did you know that dyes in fashion industry are one of the biggest polluters on our planet? Why are dyes so harmful to our environment?

According to researchers, textile industry comes second in line to the agriculture industry for being the most damaging industries to our waterways and planet.

"Synthetic dyes and leftovers from a commercial dyebath contains ammonia, alkali salt, and heavy metals along with pigments which many are toxic with health impacts on both ourselves and our environment."

Natural fabric dyes alternatives

As environmental awareness increases, people are more likely to switch from synthetic dyes to natural dyes. Natural dyes can be trace back to ancient times with the Mayans, Egyptians and the Japanese famous for their Indigo, along with ancient batik and shibori and wax techniques.

While the choice of dye can be differ by temperateure, season, soil etc eco dyes can be vibrant and beautiful, but labour intensive, thus making eco dye not so competitive in the market.

However, as consumers it's only us that can cause the necessary changes to take place, and our habits are all that's needed for this Revolution. Younger generations needs to push this agenda and it's time for designers, brands and big business to get on board to do our planet a favour.

Eco-Friendly Dye by Khai Lien

In accordance with the pollution issue address in the present days, Khai Lien has started Eco-Friendly dye series to counter the current controversy. It is believed that we could create a positive impact by reducing the use of synthetic dyes and slowly replacing Eco-Prints in the silk screen printing business.

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